Nepal can be reached by air or land. There are more than 25 different international airlines that fly to Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. You can research and select appropriate airlines to fly into Nepal. Moreover, overland entry into Nepal is also possible via India and Tibet.

The majority of nationalities, with the exception of those listed here, can obtain a visa upon arrival at the Kathmandu airport’s immigration desk or, if traveling by land, at the border immigration office. The on-arrival visa fee is USD 25/40/100 for 15/30/90 days. Please bring cash with you to pay for your visa on arrival.

For more information on the visa requirement, please go to the official link of the Nepal Immigration Office.

It is unquestionably advised, yes. Your purchase of travel insurance must be done when you travel with us.

Private automobiles, 4WDs, public buses, taxis, and airlines are all widely available. There are many taxis available to take you to your accommodation when you land in Kathmandu. We handle your transportation from the time you arrive to the time you depart if you book your trek or tour with us. Simply unwind and take in Nepal.

The cities of Nepal provide a wide variety of high-quality hotels. From five-star, multinational chain hotels to decent hostels, everything is available. The majority of tourist activities are concentrated around Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini, where there are numerous hotel options.
Tea houses are the most common type of inexpensive lodging in hiking areas. Local homestay is also used in several locations.

One of the warmest and most modest individuals in the world is a Nepalese person. When you first arrive in Nepal, you will be greeted with the formal and cordial “Namaste,” and throughout your whole stay in Nepal, you will occasionally hear this greeting spoken to you. During your visit, you will sense and encounter the simplicity and incredible warmth of the Nepalese people.

The restaurants in Nepal will offer a wide variety of meals. There are several eateries that offer delicious meals to their patrons. However, we urge you to sample some momo, or Nepali dumplings, as well as Dal Bhat, a traditional meal from that country. In the nation, these foods have become fairly popular.
You will likely eat dal bhat for most of your meals during mountain climbing, but there are some other dishes available as well.

The Nepali Rupee is used in Nepal. 121 Nepali Rupees will roughly translate to 1 USD in round figures. Exchange rates can fluctuate. You may see what currencies can be exchanged in Nepal along with their exchange rates by clicking on this link. The exchange rates you receive from a money changer, however, are lower than those that are indicated on the bank’s website.

In Nepal’s cities, you can quickly locate ATM terminals where you may withdraw money for a fee of roughly USD 4 for each transaction.

Nowadays, you can use your card to pay in most urban locations, but there will be an additional 4% surcharge.

Since Nepal is a multicultural nation, tourists are expected to respect people of all faiths, creeds, and civilizations. While you are in Nepal, there aren’t any limits or constraints on your actions except those deemed immoral and criminal.
Public displays of affection are, however, not entirely accepted in Nepal. Walking around while holding hands is acceptable. If you have long sleeves and are a girl, you’ll get fewer strange looks and feel more at ease.

While travelling in the mountains, you won’t have much to no access to the internet compared to cities, which will have excellent internet connectivity
With the exception of a few remote and high-altitude sites, mobile network coverage has expanded, making it possible to use a phone in most of Nepal.

Although giving tips is not required in Nepal, it is always regarded as the finest method to express gratitude and appreciation for someone’s services.

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